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Delta WASP 2040 Industrial (4.0) - 3D Brain Lab
Delta WASP 2040 Industrial (4.0) - 3D Brain Lab
Delta WASP 2040 Industrial (4.0) - 3D Brain Lab
Delta WASP 2040 Industrial (4.0) - 3D Brain Lab
Delta WASP 2040 Industrial (4.0) - 3D Brain Lab
Delta WASP 2040 Industrial (4.0) - 3D Brain Lab
Delta WASP 2040 Industrial (4.0) - 3D Brain Lab
Delta WASP 2040 Industrial (4.0) - 3D Brain Lab

Delta WASP 2040 Industrial (4.0)

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Apr 20 and Apr 23. *ETA to USA Only

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    Professional delta printer made of metal, with non-deformable belts loaded in steel, insulated for thermal and noise insulation.

    An innovative system of controlled chamber up to 80 ° and cooling of the " Hot and Cold Technology " mechanism, allows the optimal printing of technical materials.

    The technological advancement of WASP has made it possible to configure the printer according to user needs. Switching from a single " RED SPITFIRE EXTRUDER " extruder for fast prints to a " ZEN EXTRUDER " double extruder for multi-material prints to " FLEX EXTRUDER " to print soft materials (up to shore 50A) takes a few minutes.

    The Delta WASP 2040 INDUSTRIAL 4.0 can be connected to the network and therefore manage the printer directly via mobile phone, tablet or computer. A camera has been inserted inside the printer to monitor printing even if located elsewhere.



    • Maximum print volume  Ø 200 xh 400 mm
    • Minimum layer height  50 microns
    • Maximum print speed (*)  500 mm / s
    • Maximum movement speed (*)  800 mm / s
    • Acceleration (*)  15,000 mm / s2  Heated
    • print bed up to to 120 ° C
    • controlled printing room  heated to 80 ° C
    • standard nozzle diameter WASP SPITFIRE RED Extruder  with LT cartridge with nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
    • * All data relating to speed refers to the Delta WASP 2040 INDUSTRIAL 4.0 configured with WASP SPITFIRE RED Extruder 0.4 mm.


    Usable filaments

    • Ø1.75 with "WASP SPITFIRE RED Extruder" and "WASP ZEN Extruder"
    • Ø2.85 with "WASP FLEX Extruder"
    • ASA
    • ABS
    • PETG
    • TPU
    • TPE
    • PC + ABS
    • PPS
    • PMMA
    • PVA
    • PA
    • PA carbon
    • PLA


    1. WASP SPITFIRE RED Extruder extruder for fast and high-quality prints. Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.2 mm (filament diameter 1.75 mm)
    2. WASP ZEN Double extruder for multicolor or multi-material prints. Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.2 mm (filament diameter 1.75 mm)
    3. WASP FLEX Extruder direct drive extruder for flexible materials up to shore 50A. Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm (filament diameter 3 mm)


    1. Operating systems Windows, Mac, Linux
    2. Slicing software compatible with all slicing software (Cura - SLic3r - Simplify3D® )

    File type .stl, .obj, .gcode


    • USB Pendrive
    • Wifi network
    • TFT touch screen


    • Dimensions 49 cm x 44 cm x 87 cm (19X17X34in)
    • Machine weight 30 kg 66lbs
    • Dimensions for shipping with cardboard box packaging on a pallet  50 cm x 58 cm x 114 cm, weight 35 kg (20X23X45in) 77lbs


    Input 110 V `60 Hz

    Power consumption:

    • _WASP SPITFIRE RED Extruder: 60 W max
    • _WASP ZEN Extruder: 120 W max
    • _Heated Floor: 500 W peak
    • _ Chamber heating: 750 W peak / average consumption 300 W


    • Operating environment 20-30 ° C
    • Warehouse 0-30 ° C


    • Aluminum frame and cover , painted steel, polycarbonate, PU.
    • Metal casing, eliminates machine vibrations, ensures greater printing precision.
    • Print Floor  Aluminum adjusted
    • Movements  nylon wheels on anodized aluminum profiles
    • straps Delrin with a core of stainless steel, high-temperature resistant
    • insulation  foam in a thermo-acoustic insulating material
    • Motors  Stepper


    • Hot and Cold technology heated and mechanical cooled work chamber
    • WIFI network connection to monitor and control the machine remotely
    • New GUI new graphical interface with TFT screen
    • On-board camera for print monitoring and timelapse
    • Remote assistance WASP technicians can, if necessary, intervene with remote control


    • SUSPENDED BOWDEN (cc)It makes it possible to release the inertia on the suspension elastics and to improve exponentially the quality and the speed of printing.
    • RESURRECTION SYSTEM (cc)The system resumes interrupted printouts in the event of accidental shutdowns or sudden power failure.
    • FREE ZETA SYSTEM (cc)It is possible to measure at what height the printing stopped and start again from this height.