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Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle - 3D Brain Lab
Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle - 3D Brain Lab
Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle - 3D Brain Lab
Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle - 3D Brain Lab
Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle - 3D Brain Lab
Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle - 3D Brain Lab
Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle - 3D Brain Lab
Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle - 3D Brain Lab
Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle - 3D Brain Lab
Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle - 3D Brain Lab

Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle

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    Felfil EVO Extruder & Spooler Bundle

    Shipping from Italy is included in price and arrives within 1 week. 

    Complete Filament Factory for your Desktop


    Get the complete extrusion system at a special price: Felfil Evo and Felfil Spooler (fan included) bring extrusion to your desktop. Place Felfil Evo, the fan array and Felfil Spooler on your desktop and start to make your own filament.

    Using the Felfil Bundle you can create recycled filament from shredded prints or custom filament from your unique material.

    Felfil Bundle is the most compact filament extrusion system on the market., allowing you to produce filament for your 3D printing starting from either virgin pellets or shredded recycled materials.

    The Felfil Bundle system includes everything that is needed to develop and produce filament for any FDM 3D printer, it includes:

    • Felfil Evo, a single screw filament extruder with a specifically designed bronze nozzle which can works with a really small quantity of material (100gr).
    • Felfil Spooler, an automatic filament winder.

    Thanks to Felfil Extrusion System you will be able to test your new designed polymer, turning your concept polymer to a finished project without lead time.


    Use failed 3D prints or plastic waste to create your filament


    Develop your material in-house saving time


    Experiment with compounds, additives or colorants.



    PLA - ABS - PETG and more

    The extrusion system is suitable for many different materials, from the common ones to composite.

    starts from from 1.15 m/minute and depends on the material you are extruding, but you can regulate the rpm speed from 1 to 9.

    from 0.5mm to 3mm 

    Calibrate filament of your needed size thanks to the Felfil Spooler measure and calibration system.


    Limited at 250° C but upon request can unlock the temperature until 300°c on specific requests, however 250°C covers many polymers.


    10 microns

    A high precision sensor measures the filament produced while the software adjusts its diameter.


    Specifically made screw made from steel and has a conic profile in order to improve the materials compression with 12,7 l/d ratio



    Both, Felfil Evo Filament Extruder and Felfil Spooler, was developed to include industrial and high quality components.

    The extrusion screw is made with steel K100 with a conic profile in order to guarantee a good compression rate; the nozzle is specifically made with bronze and includes a  passive cooling system to cool down the filament immediately. The High torque gearmotor allows to extrude a high range of materials thanks to its 23N/m torque.

    Felfil Spooler uses an high precision sensor to measure the filament, and two puller wheels made in a soft polyurethane that allow to pull the extruded filament without compressing it.

    What's in the box

    Felfil Evo Assembled arrives ready to be used. We suggest to make the first extrusion test with the material sample that you can find in the box.

    • Felfil Evo Filament Extruder (1.75 mm or 2.85 mm)
    • Material Sample (about 400gr)
    • Power Supply and Power Cord


    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mona Speers
    Awesome 3D Printer

    This is a fabulous addition to 3D printing It's easy to use because the extruder and spooler bundle does the majority of the work. All I have to do is to feed it ground up filament and it does the rest.

    Scott B Kaine
    Very good start for a product type but needs minor tweeks

    I bought this to reduce my overhead costs in my primary business of 3d printing, I've been looking for years for a workable solution to creating my own filament, and most ended up either way too expensive or complete failures. This is the best solution for those seeking something in the 1000$ range and is not afraid to get their hands a little dirty. The unity itself(The extruder) is solidly built, it is aluminum with a clear out shell, very sturdy and simple in its design. The components are I believe an Arduino that is well fanned and ventilated. Its function on the LCD is to the point and accurate, I've had no issues with it, unlike the spooler.

    The spooler is that hot crazy girlfriend that you want to give up on but always seem to go back to even though you know it's going to piss you off. It's powered by a similar Arduino type machine, although there doesn't seem to be any fan on the casing itself because when it overheats from prolonged use, it does indeed freeze or severely delay the LCD screen and knobs settings. There are 4 settings on the spooler, Soft Medium, Hard, and Manual - thank god for manual. I had little to no luck with the preset setting of s,m,h but with manual, you can tweak all of the functions which allows for much easier operation and help a lot when you're using reground PLA. There is a filament measuring gauge on the spooler that I can verify is VERY accurate. It's a good machine for the price and worth experimenting with.